General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale

The prices and information concerning the commercial website, the catalogues, brochures and rates are given as an indication only and are valid at a specific time. BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER reserves the right to modify the presentation, form and design of the appliances for which the illustrations and instructions appear on our commercial website or our advertising leaflets. All orders signify an express agreement to our general conditions of sale regardless of the clauses that might appear in the buyer's documents.

Guaranteed prices: all our prices are indicated exclusive of tax and within the limits of available stocks. BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER reserves the right to change prices. If articles are no longer available, we reserve the right to send you replacement articles that are equivalent or superior in characteristics and qualities, and at an equivalent or inferior price.

Purchases are to be paid for by bank card.
Secured payment by bank card
All the confidential information concerning payment is protected and encrypted by a security protocol, SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means that the information related to the order and the customer's bank card number do not circulate free-to-air on the Internet.

Signatures and proof
Providing the bank card number on line and entering the final validation of the order represent proof that the order is complete in conformance with the provisions of the law of 13 March 2000 and signify liability for the amounts committed to by the entry of the articles on the purchase order. This validation has the value of signing and express agreement to all the operations carried out on the website.

Transport and delivery in Metropolitan France
The indicated delivery deadlines are calculated in working days, excluding weekends and public holidays. Our carriers, GEFCO and EXAPAQ, guarantee delivery within 48 to 72h (Corsica - 1 week*). This deadline does not include the preparation time (calculate 1 to 3 days). This delivery is free of cost as of €80 worth of purchases exclusive of tax (€350 exclusive of tax for Corsica). Carriage cost is €12 exclusive of tax (€50 exclusive of tax for Corsica).
*Deadline to be confirmed when the order is placed. Deliveries are made by the carriers, GEFCO and EXAPAQ. At the time of delivery, the purchaser should carefully verify the condition of the package. If the package appears to be in poor condition, it is essential that he specify this on the receipt presented by the carrier by mentioning "Package received damaged" and call BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER at (33) 8 25 87 76 90 ("numéro Indigo" - paid by the caller). We recommend taking the following steps.

Conditions for delivery
Dispute concerning direct transport:
- First of all, it is essential to remove the appliances from the package in the presence of the delivery person.
- If damages are noted: refuse the damaged appliances by clearly indicating the reason on the delivery slip and inform BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER about it by fax or post (on request, a model letter will be sent to you).
- If you accept the appliances, justify and give the details of your reservations on the delivery slip. Please note: reservations such as "subject to opening or verification" as well as any general reservations, have no legal value.
- Carefully verify the appliances within 48 hours of delivery. You must send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt indicating your reservations to the carrier that delivered the appliance, within 48 hours of receipt of the goods, and send a copy to BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER. Beyond this deadline, no recourse will be possible vis-à-vis the carrier.
- If there is a problem with a delivery, please immediately inform our services by sending them a copy of the claim letter accompanied by the signed transport receipt corresponding to the delivery. On receipt, our service will do everything in their power to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Our warranty is expressly limited to an exchange, free of cost, or repair of any part of our appliances that has been examined, plus labour, excluding second hand equipment. The duration of the warranty for the equipment is limited to 12 months as of its sale for the 1st use, excluding special cases specified on the invoice.
The warranty does not cover operating defects that:
- are a result of normal wear, negligence or failure by the buyer to upkeep the item,
- are a result of abnormal use of the equipment,
- are due to an intervention on the product by someone who is not approved by our company,
- are subsequent to the installation of our equipment by another person, except under special conditions,
- are related to a case of force majeure or to various incidents that might occur due notably to piping, changes in voltage, poor adjustment, incorrect handling, etc...

Return of an article
If, despite all our care, the article received arrives broken or damaged, the buyer should contact the BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER sales department at (33) 8 25 87 76 90 ("numéro Indigo" €0.125 inclusive of tax/min), as soon as possible, and we will do whatever is necessary to replace it. If it is due to an error on our part, we will take responsibility for the cost of the return on simple request. If an exchange is requested for personal convenience, the cost of return is at the customer's expense.

Preservation of property
Our company preserves entire ownership of goods delivered until effective collection of the entire amount invoiced. Until that time, the buyer bears the risk of damages that these goods might undergo or cause for any reason whatsoever. Notwithstanding any clause to the contrary, in the event of non-compliance by the buyer with any of the payment dates, without prejudice to BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER's other rights, the company can obtain the return of the articles by registered mail at the buyer's expense until his complete fulfilment of his obligations.

Intellectual property
All the elements on the BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER website, visuals, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, brand and patent rights. They are the exclusive property of BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER. Any user who has a personal Website and who wishes to place a simple direct link from his website to the BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER website homepage for personal reasons must request authorisation from BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER. Under these circumstances this would not be an implicit agreement of affiliation.
On the other hand, any hypertext link to the BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER website that uses the framing or in-line linking technique is formally forbidden. In any event, any link, even if tacitly authorised, must be removed on simple request by BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER.

Health notices
For your health, you should eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day, exercise regularly and avoid foods that are high in sugar and salt and snacking between meals.

The General Conditions of Sale govern the commercial relations between BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER, which has its head office in Moûtiers (73600), France and is registered at the Albertville Registry of Commerce (B 313 435 000), and persons wishing to make a purchase on the BOS EQUIPEMENT HOTELIER website:

The parties agree that their relations shall be exclusively governed by the General Conditions of Sale, excluding any condition available beforehand on the website.

Orders will only be registered if the user clearly identifies himself by creating a customer account with his e-mail address (personal Internet code) and password.

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